Featured Photographer: Antwon Maxwell


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Antwon Maxwell, and I’m from Washington DC and am a U.S. Army IT specialist. I’ve been married to my wife for 5 years, and have known for over 13 years. When I moved to Korea three years I started my journey as a photographer. I had no idea then that photography would become my hobby and passion.

What does “photography” mean to you? Why?

Photography means one thing to me, “memories.” It’s all about capturing that perfect moment so that you can look back and reminisce about what was happening in your life at that time, the feelings you experienced, and cherishing the moments shared with others.

What first attracted you to fashion photography?

My mentor initially drew me to fashion photography because I loved seeing his work in fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, and others.


What do you think makes a memorable photograph? Who is your favorite fashion photographer?

Since I am a beauty and fashion photographer, having a perfect team (makeup artist, creative director, hair stylist, model, assistants) makes photos memorable. When everyone is perfect at their particular skill not only will the photos become memorable, but so will the experiences shared with your team. Currently, my favorite fashion photographers are Estevez & Belloso.

What do you want your viewers to see in your work?

I want it to be impossible for my viewers to avert their eyes when they see my work. My hope is that they will see the images as if they were standing there when I took them.


What does fashion mean to you? Describe you fashion sense.

Fashion means expressing who you are, your identity. My fashion sense is very simple so I love to photograph fashion that is complex.

What are your future plans as a photographer?

My future plans are to be published in popular magazine, and to hopefully become a full-time photographer.


Do you know any Korean fashion photographers? What do you like in his or her work?

I don’t know any Korean photographers, however I would like meet some and collaborate on photo shoots.

Do you have any favorite Korean models, designers, actors, singers, etc?

I don’t know any Korean models, designers, actors, or singers, but I would love to meet some to collaborate.


Follow Antwon:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram |  Twitter 




Interview by IFBK

Photography by Antwon Maxwell Photography




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