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Yes… Go ahead and take a moment. Take it all in. This is what the salesperson whispered with a smile to first-time shoppers, wide-eyed and jaws dropped like a tourist visiting New York, trying to take in the stunning interior and amazing high fashion collections spanning 7 levels – all in one breath.

Dover Street Market offers a complete visual and sensorial fashion and design experience that absolutely delights. With bright, sunny striped-colored fabric columns, beautiful art installations and displays, angular hallways, and a transcending tunnel inspired by Japanese philosophy, DSM is more than a place to shop. The space offers an art gallery atmosphere where the entire store’s merchandise, brand offerings and interior design is refreshed entirely every 6 months. Commes Des Garcons mastermind Rei Kawakubo’s 3rd location is more downtown NYC in feel than the more upscale ambiance of DSM’s London location. Also part of the strategy to appeal to New Yorkers, the multi-plex offers chic, high fashion pieces with designer streetwear and the menswear and womenswear merchandise is mixed throughout the store to be more unisex for true fashion enthusiasts.
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From Louis Vuitton’s limited edition Monogram collection, Thom Browne’s “office space” to the expansive collections of streetwear brands of the moment HBA Hood by Air and Supreme, Dover Street Markets captures the creative, youthful synergy that is thriving within the fashion, music and lifestyle industries.
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Specifically scouting the less trafficked Gramercy location, Kawakubo’s vision was to have DSMNY become a unique retail destination, for fashion lovers or not. And a visit worth a few times over because, unfortunately, the space is so engaging and the collection sone of a kind, you simply cannot take it all in the first time.
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Article & Photography by Julie Byun




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