Photo Oct 17, 5 14 17
As the slow, rhythmic drums created the perfect atmosphere, sophistication in sleek style strode down the runway. Modernizing professionalism with perfect details, the variety of pockets created a pinch of whimsy in an otherwise elegant collection. The pieces bobbed and swayed in the limelight, showing off their high quality. With a few hues to curtail the black and white style, high collars and cropped slacks maintained the elegance in men’s wear. Add running shoes and some patent leather to some no-show buttons, and you have yourself one killer of a show. Ending with red leather details, the high-energy music left us with a sense of completeness and ingrained the fashion compilation into the memories of our souls.
Photo Oct 17, 5 07 01
Photo Oct 17, 5 09 12
Photo Oct 17, 5 09 29
Photo Oct 17, 5 10 11
Photo Oct 17, 5 15 06

Photography by Lavar Plummer



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