SS15 NATIVE DANGER: Capsule Collection Lights It Up

DSC_0387 copy
When you are buying from a clothing label, you are essentially buying into the designer’s signature style. And nothing could be more true than with hot menswear brand of the moment, NativeDanger. The genesis of NativeDanger came from the designer’s simple idea that he could make clean, directional sportswear with an edge – that he would wear everyday himself. What better satisfaction for Skyler Javier, in his 3rd season, who has created another inspired collection that crosses functionality and sport with new multi-dimensional thinking – for both the upcoming Spring 2015 fashion season, and exciting new additions to his personal wardrobe.

On Sept 18, 2014 at Micah Studios in Brooklyn, NY, Javier’s spring line up was presented photo session style, where similar to last season, pieces from the collection were being captured in real time for the brand’s lookbook – as editors, bloggers, and press stopped by for a candid behind the scenes experience.

NativeDanger’s signature dust grey and white is present in its SS15 capsule with navy, camo, and other light colors to compliment the main brand hues. One of Javier’s most exciting pieces for Spring is in the form of a camouflouge jacket – when flashed with light, illuminates and reflects its amazing knock out white details for a particularly sporty chic look.

His navy parka, royal blue athletic tee, and dark eggplant hoodie showed introductions of color for ND’s Spring looks which felt preppy and innovative with detachable sleeves and sporty vent detail. Oxford collared white shirts, shorts, and biker pants possessed assymetric and futuristic patterns, an ode to the Designer’s love of anime and the mecha world.

Still an active member of the Washinton D.C. Fire Department, Skyler Javier and his team continue to create sparks of design amazement for menswear, with a brand that is still catching fire. Visit for more superb directional sportswear and inspiration for the modern man.
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DSC_0345 copy
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DSC_0316 copy
DSC_0292 copyArticle & Photography by Contributor Julie Byun



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