Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr S/S 2015

IFBK had a chance to meet a beautiful and extraordinarily talented designer from northeast Iowa, KahriAnne Kerr, during NYFW. Today she is known for her brand Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr.

During our conversation, we got to know Kahri better: she’s adorably shy and femininely pretty. She has always contained a passion for music, which played a big role in her life especially since it inspired Kahri to start her own clothing line, and continues to take part as the biggest influence to her changing designs.
IMG_5073Kahri taught herself how to sew and design as a teenager. Today Kahri’s brand is sold at over 20 boutiques across the United States, Europe, and in 30 online boutiques.

When she was recognized as the “Most promising designer”, she decided to take a big step by moving from Iowa to the New York City. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Institute of Technology, which led to the success of Kahri by KahriAnne. Not only does the line appear in local New York boutiques, but also in the hottest shopping places in NY – SOHO for example, is not just a hot spot for celebrities, but also by many fashionable tourists from all over the world.

Kahri makes comfortable T-shirts, but also life’s happenings reformed her style from lax to elegance leading up to a popular line of feminine luxury from which any petite lady can find something to look and feel beautiful and comfortable. In her new S/S 2015 collection you can find a lot of cocktail dresses, skirts, body wear with sexy details like leather, chains, zippers, and mesh. Of course, she includes every women’s essential accessories of bags and hats; no worries, shoes are to come. Most of her line retails within $150 to $900, from tops to coats and dresses from $300-500. This small-town girl can most-definitely help you pull off the look of a new metropolitan socialite.

Visit KahriAnne Collection Page|Facebook|Instagram



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