PFW: Hood by Air S/S 2015

DSC_0135The setting, a seemingly abandoned floor of a nondescript Paris office building. The show, Hood by Air (HBA) by Shayne Oliver. The theme, a three-part series started at NYFW that explores the male self – the id, superego, and ego. At Paris Fashion Week the “superego” was expressed through gender bending clothing that pushed the limits on societal gender roles. Oliver unapologetically mixed cutouts and embellishments with traditionally masculine shapes and straps that proved he’s got the guts to put on a truly original and imaginative presentation with a collection that turns heads (in a good way). Now we must wait with bated breath until October to see the final installment, “ego.”

DSC_0173DSC_0408DSC_0108DSC_0239 DSC_0276 DSC_0375

Article by IFBK

Photography by Guest Contributor Alexis Noelle Barnett



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