MBFF Brisbane: Emerging Designers S/S 2015

Giving the underdogs a chance, emerging designers flaunt their ability to make sketches come to life in a show described as “eclectic designs straight from the imagination”. With a little something for everyone, explore the next talent to grace the runways.

IMG_0233Angelic bridal dresses by Begitta, complete with wings, make anyone want to get married. Sweet, sheer, and full of ruffles, Begitta creates enchantment as enchanting as the moment you say, “I do.”

IMG_0347Boldness is all A Jacksonian Era. From colors and sheer floral to feathers, wearing A Jacksonian Era will ensure all gazes fall on you.

IMG_0496For any other special occasions, Stokes Thompson Designs forms elegance and grace in beautiful reds, purples, and creams- complete with a floral crown.

IMG_0312 IMG_0320Don’t have any events coming up? Casual femininity wrapped in floral patterns and pastels are brought to you by Anna Hulm, with belted waists for a little shape.

IMG_0386Emu Designs brought out the geometry with bright green and yellow triangles and trippy circle patterns. Fringe accentuates the designs, while branches as headwear shape the brand’s originality. Need we say more?

IMG_0289Men are not always known for their color, but Otim Ajalia proves skeptics wrong with a playful mixture of patterns and colors. Matching shirt/shorts combinations with contrast collars take menswear to the next level.

IMG_0541Erin Hassall, on the other hand, keeps color to a minimum, with exquisite mirror prints on silk.

IMG_0462 IMG_0472SUZII K is our new Starbucks, a guilty necessity, in beige, whites, and baby blues. Flowing dresses and casual separates are the perfect vacation wear.

IMG_0419And with the help of small dainty prints, Peony finishes up by bringing out the feeling of the sea in simple blues and whites.

A group of understated talent, the show captivated all. The designers kept viewers enthralled with beautiful handiwork and classic styles, and they are sure to be a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to bookmark them for future seasons– We know we will.

Article by IFBK

Photography by Guest Contributor Tien Theresa Chung |I Dream of Colour|


3 thoughts on “MBFF Brisbane: Emerging Designers S/S 2015

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    IFBK’s review for MBFF Brisbane is up! My fav showcase was this one. I love seeing local designers strut their stuff. The accessories were cute and creative~

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