Lookbook CGBCN_CG atelier: Dangerously Calm

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Wrapped in messy hemlines, her eyes appear dangerously calm. Black on black remains chic as the gothic vibe extends past her fingertips. She layers seduction under layers of structure, mesh, and zippers. Belts and buckles cling onto the pieces in desperation, and peep-toe pumps are added to her feet for class. A pinch of color is weaved into the photos through yellow abstract and blue tinted hair. Remnants of computer chips surround her eyes, questioning the boundary of control. Armed with a reckless attitude and an outfit to match, she casts off her chains to reveal her inner self.

CGBCN_CG atelier is all you need to maintain a mysterious, seductive look. So, what are you waiting for?




Designer: CGBCN_CG atelier
Style/Concept/Hair : IFBK
Model: Anastassia Kim
MUA: Anastassia Kim


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