Interview with Inspiring Fashion Photographer from Buryatia


1. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello IFBKseoul readers. My name is Yana Khanhatova, I am a 23 years old photographer and love fashion photography. I live and work in Ulan-Ude, Russia. In my city I am a founder of the photo studio, Spot.

2. If you could live anywhere in the whole wide world, where would you build your dream home?

I love my city, it’s less stressful than others. People are kind and ordinary here, everybody lives their own life, raise children, and create good conditions. You always want to come back. But at the moment I am interested in a competitive environment. I would love a place that holds the fashion industry where you could successfully carry out interesting fashion projects. I love balance and harmony in work and life.

IMG_5175Stylist: Sayana & Eugenia Bukhadeeva
MUA: Darya Leytman
Hair Stylist: Baljima B
Model: Anastasia/Sofia Nee models agency
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova

Stylist:  Eugenia Shagdarova
Model: Anna Shee, Eugenia Shagdarova
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova


Stylist:  Urnaa
Model: Ochirin Odgerelphoto 
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova

photo00043. Did you go to school to study photography? How long have you been a photographer?

For my first year at university I was an assistant to the local photographer of ourRussian Drama Theatre. He had a very interesting approach to learning. He taught the basics of photography and fundamentals of acting business, which helped to reveal the character during photo shoots He did not interfere in the process of learning and comprehensions of photography. Everything went well in my opinion. Since he did not pressure the students’ creative growth, students were able to develop their own photography styles.


Stylist: Eugenia Shagdarova / clothes: Mango store
MUA: Nataly Gvalt
Model: Maria Shantanova
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova

IMG_43874. How would you describe your photography style?

The fashion photography world interests me. It inspires me and captures limitless possibilities in development. You can create unforgettable and very imaginative stories during a shoot. I love to fantasize about my heroes. Every project I like to think deeply of the history of my clients, about their characters and moods. For me, female characters are the most important. I like to reveal them in the most unusual ways and manifestations. The woman is a world, history, and life. So many stories are yet to be found.

5. What type of cameras do you use?

In my opinion, for the commencement of creativity and the search for one’s self, expensive equipment doesn’t play a major role in the art. The quality of the equipment comes later as a certain style develops. At the moment I use Canon 5D Mark III.

IMG_49436. How often do you use Photoshop, and how important is it in creating the final product?

My prints are different depending on the task and the mood of the frame. The main task is to define the shooting. Mostly, I try to liven the quality. I think, it is quite important to do well, high quality from the beginning to finish. In my work, my team plays a big role: make up artist, stylist, hair stylist, they also put effort into creating the scene.

7. What inspires you to take photos?

I cannot live without my hobby. Photography helps me to realize myself. I stay steadfast and strong. I am very inspired by willpower. I love Helmut Newton for his uncompromising character, Peter Lindberg for his nature and power, and many others classic. I want to say that not only fashion photography teaches me to pay attention to each frame and the strength of the meaning but also documentary photography.


Stylist:  Eugenia Bukhadeeva
MUA: Nataly Gvalt
Hair Stylist: Baljima B
Model: Narana / Sofia Nee models agency
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova

IMG_46388. What is fashion like in Buryatia? Do you ever shoot for fashion magazines?

Fashion in Buryatia at the moment is in the beginning of its career, which is why we can develop and learn. I enjoy working with designers to represent our Buryati and do interesting projects. Here is one of the examples of my work with Irina Naydonovoy, ‘Series of the city of soaring dragons.’ See HERE.

9. What does fashion mean to you?

I’ve also been working with a Mongolian magazine «goodali», and I can say that it was a great experience. The people there are also eager to show aesthetics. They keep track of trends in Europe and are very fond of art photography. For me, it’s fashion – it’s a great engine for the world, which helps the development of the economy and people. Fashion motivates and touches everyone one way or another, be far or near, but it is always present in all.


Stylist:  Eugenia Bukhadeeva
MUA: Nataly Gvalt
Hair Stylist: Alina Egodurova
Model: Sofia Nee models agency
Photographer: Yana Khankhatova

10. Have you been to South Korea, and what do you think about Korean photography?

Yes, I’m very glad that I was able to see Korea. Seoul is beautiful, It breathes new ideas, trends, and young talent. I think my introduction to Korean photographers began with Vogue Korea and I still so much to discover!

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