Designer Spotlight: Majolie Paris


Can you give us a bit of background (including, but not limited to: full name, age, job position, and country)?

I’m Vianney Dalle, 23 years old, and the creator of women’s accessories brand, Majolie Paris. I was born in France. Seven years ago I travelled to East Asia for the first time, and since then, I became fascinated by it. I happened to come visit Seoul and decided to stay much longer. I currently live and work halfway between Paris and Seoul, and I have secretly loved women’s accessories for almost all of my life.

2How did your company get started, and what was its main purpose at the time?

It all started after I met my fiancée in Seoul, who is a fashion designer. I helped her with her brand for the past couple of years, working in a 100% female environment. It helped me a lot in understanding what women like, want, and need. I met the right people, designers, and jewelry makers. She helped me set up, prepare, and build a brand image. She always believed in me and kind of pushed me towards this track.

Offering not only expensive jewelry, but also affordable accessories is, I think, a really thoughtful way to nonverbally express your attachment to someone. Selling good quality, affordable, and trendy accessories was, and still is, the main purpose of Majolie Paris.

3What was the inspiration for this collection?

For my first collection, it would be a lie to say there was no inspiration from high-end and luxury brands. This is why it is our goal to make pure creations for the next collection. I like discrete and thin jewelry, but why not do something completely different for the next collection?

What is the average price range of your product?

Our products’ price range is around $20 for plated brass jewelries and $40 for Sterling silver .925 items.

4Are there any perks for VIP customers?

This is something I got used to in Korea, the idea that companies will always provide more services than expected. You could surely find more than expected in your Majolie jewelry box if you order more than three pieces in a single purchase! 😉

Where do you see your business headed in the next couple years? Do you have any other future plans?

We are preparing for exclusive collaborations. I discovered that in Japan collaborations are huge; they swear only by collaborations. They are way ahead on this. Also, I want to make a website, with pictures similar to as if you were surfing on a blog. This is something in which Korean brands are experienced, but is yet to be democratized in Western countries.

Are you on social media, and if so, where can our users look for you?

You can find us on Facebook at, Instagram @majolie_paris and of course on!

Thank you so much!
majoli 6

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Photographer: IFBK
Concept/Style: IFBK
Mua: Anastassia Kim
Model:Sara Holmes



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