The Studio K

1Sporting clean lines and silhouettes, Studio K is a hub of trendy and must-have pieces. Behind the sewing machine is designer Hyejin Hong who, after attending the Rhode Island School of Design, came back to Korea to launch Studio K in 2006. Studio K has since navigated through the ranks of Korean fashion and managed to keep the attention of fashion lovers and editors alike. Its urban and modern style is at the top of everyone’s wish list, seen in the expansion to six offline stores in Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Paris, and eight stores in Korea. Pieces range from $50-$300, perfect for the elegant and sophisticated, and with mix and match fabrics and designs, visual interest is not lacking. Studio K also has a celebrity fan club, including figure skater Yuna Kim, Korea’s Next Top Model Hoyeon Jung, and K-Pop groups CN Blue, VIXX, Sistar, and SNSD. A minimalist’s dream (and your wallet’s nightmare), be sure to stop by Studio K if you are thinking of adding to your avante-garde wardrobe.










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