Interview with Julian Woodhouse

1. Can you give us a bit of background (including, but not limited to: full name, age, job position, and native country)?

I started my love of fashion in art. My father and I used to sit and draw for hours when I was younger. That, mixed with sculpting, dance, and having an affinity for aesthetics brought me to fashion illustration. With my art background I got into photography and graphic art, utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. My first jobs were illustrating for news publications and covers for novels. I was inspired by my own internal struggle with my sexuality and the darkness that eroded away conservative confines [that] I, in the past, felt in my years living at home. At the age of 15, I sent my styling illustration portfolio to a designer for Malcolm Harris in New York and was offered an internship for the summer. My parents denied me the opportunity due to my age.

My subsequent jobs included styling my friends which turned into something that became financially beneficial to me during university. I had a habit of making muses out of all of my friends and styling them for fun to beef up my portfolio. After cultivating a decent enough portfolio I was discovered by Adora Tokyo, a hair stylist, makeup artist, DJ, mother, and all around glamazon who ended up being my number one supporter and mentor.

During my years in university I studied international business with a Spanish minor, danced competitively with an outstanding dance club called PULSE. I served as a dancer, creative director, art director, and ended my time as a choreographer alongside my character twin, Mary, my, girlfriend at the time. During university I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. There, I got into blogging and creative writing. I spent my time with an immensely diverse group of guys from South Africa, Columbia, Spain, Mexico, California, Ughanda,Missouri, Austria, and Germany. Alongside my good friend photographer, Thato Koketso Mohuba, I styled and worked together on our university newspaper’s visuals. I returned to the US, came to Korea, and started my portfolio adventures here in Seoul.


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2. How did you get into fashion? Did you have a fashion-related major in school?

I didn’t major in fashion, but I did obsess over it during my years in school. During my free time, and time I should have been studying, I spent hours watching fashion shows and religiously reading my subscriptions to V mag, Vogue, GQ, Details, and Interview Mag. During high school you couldn’t find me without a Vogue in my hands or a sketchbook.

3. We also know you were an International Fashion Writer at Fashion Odds Magazine. Could you tell us a bit about your work there? Is it easier or harder to express your thoughts through words rather through fashion?

I’ve worked a bit with the creative group of professionals at Fashion Odds. They are young, fresh, and ever improving their image and network. I love writing about fashion. I ended up leaving a few months back, only because I found working within the structure of a publication [difficult]. I typically ramble a bit. I love telling a full story.
4. What made you decide to come to Korea? What is your impression of it?

I absolutely love Korea. Thus far it has been really good to me. I’m a very spiritual person, so honestly I thank God and my lucky stars for positioning me in the places I’ve been to meet those who have been critical in my development and continuing my career. Shout out to my babies Carolina and Jessica of MAP studio.

5. What is your favorite project that you’ve done in Korea, and who was it with?

I can’t yet talk about the project in detail because it is a mere months away from release in the US. But I worked very closely with my best Korean friends Lizzy Lee and Carolina of MAP studio. Let’s just say I have never worked harder in my career. I’ll give you the full details when I’m legally [allowed] to.

6. Your boyfriend is also here in Seoul. What is his job, and what is it like working with him?

Ahh my baby Dawid. I’ll be honest he is my rock and my daily inspiration. We met a while back on a job, and ever since then, it’s been a constant surprise and a blessing. He worked here as a model and is currently on contract in Guangzhou, China. I’ll be visiting him in July and he’ll be moving here after we tie the knot in Minneapolis later this year.

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7. What are your plans for the next year? Will you stay in Seoul?

I’ll be here as long as Korea is good for me, and I can continue to love and live around the creative types that I’ve been fortunate to meet here. Realistically the plan is to stay another maybe 4 years and move to NYC with Dawid for chapter 2.




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