Melbourne Winter Street Fashion

IMG_6031It may be summer in the northern hemisphere, but down south, Melbourne street style is heating up winter with some sizzling high street fashion styles. Topping a look off with a hat is a key trend, whether your head is adorned with a wide-brimmed hat or a cozy knitted beanie, this accessory is a winter must-have. Melbourne-ites also understand how to layer; using varying textures, prints, colors, and clothing lengths they pulled together some pretty drool worthy looks. We are definitely taking notes, and saving them for when fall and winter rolls around in a few months.












Photography by Plan B-Style Book

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3 thoughts on “Melbourne Winter Street Fashion

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I see, it’s all about the winter bold coloured/structured coats.. Need to take out my grandma’s oversized 80s costs. Lovin’ Melbourne Winter Fashion~

  2. I definitely have to keep these looks in mind for the upcoming months. I’m especially thinking about playing around with fun socks like the purple ones above.

  3. I can never comment on an outfit, as long as it is authentic. And all of the ones from your selection are. That’s what fashion is actually – being ourselves. So even though I would not wear many of them, I respect them, it’s real fashion. 🙂

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