Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2014/2015: KYE F/W 2014


The KYE F/W ‘14 collection at DDP upped its famed name once again as one of the most popular and newest shows of Seoul Fashion Week.

Last February, this exact collection first debuted in the U.S. during NYFW at Industria Superstudios. KYE was recently chosen as one of 30 nominees for the prestigious LVMH Prize in Paris. This is the first and only brand for Seoul-based designer, Kathleen Hanhee.

Designer Hanhee expressed social issues with bright and young street fashion sense in the previous collections shows that we should think outside the box to create newness in this 2014’s F/W season. Befittingly, the show was overcrowded with press, celebrities, bloggers and fans.

KYE completed the season’s high street-fashion look using black and white and chains and ropes: images of contrast and finding identity. The colors and accenting accessories for the collection which caters to both men and women, accentuate the lux image for the chic.

Black and white do not exist in isolation and chains and ropes become ornaments or patterns by creating unique fashion silhouettes in KYE’s collection. KYE believes there is no absolute fixed definition of any colors or objects, and therefore seeks new definition by infusing fashion’s modes with the elements of fun, wit, and humor. KYE shows us embossments and gradation techniques to emphasize larger-than-life images of chain and ropes on neoprene, faux leather, and polyester.

KYE asserts that beauty can always be manipulated and that we can create new characteristics of colors and the objects by liberating ourselves from their fixed images and everyday connotations.

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Photography by Dante Miguel



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