Hong Kong Street Style

1From dainty chains to girly studs, Hong Kong residents know that an outfit is all in the details. Backpacks are given cute criss-cross straps, patches are sewn onto jeans, and a hat wears floral. Recently, walking around Hong Kong will drown you in feminine pinks. Neither amount nor combination is too bold, including pink hair, pink-on-pink, and pink and stripes. Hong Kong mixes patterns and styles as well as the chicest of fashionistas, reminding everyone why designer brands are luxurious. There are but a couple of rules: Throw on a pair of shades and a patterned scarf to dress up any look, and don’t forget that a trench always looks amazing. And on Wednesdays, Hong Kongers wear pink.

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One thought on “Hong Kong Street Style

  1. Holy cow….what I would give to go see all that fashion in person. I love your blog! Mine is a fashion blog where I’m trying not to buy any new clothes for a year (guh!) but I only have two months left. For now, I’ll have to live vicariously through fashion posts like yours 🙂

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