Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2014/2015: Cres. E Dim, Future Shock

1While airy skin-baring clothing may reflect the slightest thought of chills, we all know the smell of wet leaves and snow beneath our feet will take over before we know it. If you don’t want to be wearing the same mammoth coat over all your layers of clothes to keep warm for months on end, look no further than CRES. E DIM.

Utilizing his signature structured form, designer Hongbum Lee employs less leather and more neoprene into his F/W 2014 collection. Preferable over puffy layers of down coats, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen more of this airtight warm material to make winter clothes more fashionable.

As usual, and in favor of fashionistas with a sharp eye for design, Lee did not use gaudy colors and patterns to bring attention to his clothes, but rather stuck to black, white, gray, and blue while emphasizing the shapely rigid profiles of long skirts, shoulders, and arms.

Lee continues to change the nature of womenswear with an added extension of masculine form.

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Photography by Dante Miguel



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