A Flower Blossoms

1slideSpring is in the air, but flowers aren’t the only things blooming. Teaming up with Korean photographer Wooripic, IFBK took over top school Korea University with fashion on the brain. Modeled by Julia Nazipova, the resulting photos presented the beautiful fluidity of the often-borderless stages of life

A flashback to the sandbox days, ribbons decorate her hair. Whimsically playing with balloons in a sweet, collared baby blue dress, the innocent days of childhood are seen in her flushed cheeks.

Flourishing into a young woman against the colorful background of Korea University’s garden, she wears her newfound femininity in a sleeveless orange pleated dress. She shyly announces to the world that she is a woman, with elongated legs and soft makeup.

She loses all inhibition, wearing her vintage dress with sexuality. Loose tied curls give her an appealing look reminiscent of the American 1950s. Showing off her curves and bold lips, she loves her body and isn’t afraid to show it; she has blossomed.





Location: Korea University
Photographer: Wooripic
MUA: Anastasia Kim
Model: Julia Nazipova
Style/Concept: IFBK
Assistant: IFBK



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