Suecomma Bonnie, regarded as the first Korean luxury shoe brand, has something for every kind of girl—From edgy to casual to glam. Assuring top quality and catering to Korean women’s “duality of introversion and sexiness,” Suecommabonnie has become a top global brand.

Located in 22 countries, Suecommabonnie’s unique and charismatic style caters to women’s ability to express themselves openly and confidently. Bonnie Lee, the CEO of Suecommabonnie, believes in making shoes that she herself would wear, designing with a woman’s sense of beauty. Created with Italian and Spanish leather and Swarovski crystals, Suecommabonnie shoes average around 300,000-600,000 won (approximately 285-570 USD).

Popular among Korean celebrities like members from Miss A, T-ara, and SNSD (Girl’s Generation), Suecommabonnie will continue to climb among the ranks of luxury brands and put Seoul on the fashion map.
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