Daegu Street Style: Clutch Edition

IMG_9531Whether to complement a top or to give an outfit a pop of color, Daegu residents know how to pick their clutches. Larger, baggier clutches are on the rise with enough room for all necessities (and even the not so necessary). Decorated in studs, a pattern, or maintaining a minimalist edge, these bags are ideal for those on the go. A pop of pink and a lace flower pattern shows that Daegu is not falling behind Seoul when it comes to its edge. A popular combination of the leather envelope clutch proved its worth, creating a classic that can be the perfect touch to any look. With all styles up for grabs, Daegu clutches will have you hopping aboard the next train.

IMG_9522 copy

IMG_9518 IMG_9513 IMG_9490 IMG_9441 IMG_9429 copy IMG_9390 IMG_9378 IMG_9363 IMG_9361 IMG_9353 IMG_9341 IMG_9339 copy IMG_9336IMG_8656 IMG_9171 IMG_9175 IMG_9182

Photography by Guest Contributor Teni The Abstract 



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