Interview with Gianni Fontana

gianni2 (1 of 1)Gianni Fontana, a fashion marketer as well as the Principal of Milan Style Academy shared his experience at his first visit to Seoul Fashion Week.

How was you experience and what were your observations of Seoul Fashion Week?

It was a wonderful experience. It’s not the first time for me in Korea but in this case I was really dedicated to the fashion week, and I had the chance to attend almost all of the shows. I do not have a particular preference in terms of designers and I think most of them gave me a good impression. I like Korean fashion in general, especially for their ability to mix classic cuts with innovative experiences.

What do you think about the South Korean fashion environment? What do you think its future will be like?

The general environment is amazing, especially for a western person. I think all people involved in fashion should come to Seoul Fashion Week, both for the designers and for the street style. I have no idea which path their future will take, but they surely have a strong present.

Are you planning to come to Korea in the future?

Definitely! I’m going to try to come at least twice a year. I have several reasons to come: my business as fashion marketing consultant, my role as Principal of Milan Style Academy, and a lot of friends to meet.

Would you consider working here?

I’m not considering to move here permanently, but I would like to intensify my business activities in this country.

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Interview thanks to Mustafa Kayhan Ergün.

Photography by Guest Contributor Istanbul Style Report



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