Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2014/2015: Enzuvan, Paradox of Beauty

1With over thirty years on her belt, Enzuvan’s Eunju Hong isn’t afraid to do break up the mundane with flair. This year’s collection presents a confidence that attaches itself to ingenuity. Simultaneously creating fabulous separates and stunning outfits, she proves that you actually can teach an old dog new tricks.

Questioning the concept of beauty, Hong took her thoughts to the drawing board, mixing and matching elements to form a mesmerizing and, surprisingly, comfortable collection. The models wrapped in the comfort of fur coats and wool sweaters, the voluminous pieces produced a round silhouette without compromising quality or style. Bomber jackets and joggers added a relaxed element to offset the uniquely elaborate skirts, a favorite being the knee-length wool skirt with fur belt. Leather acted as the accent of the collection, enhancing the mixed neutrals and fabrics. The cute messy buns and ponytails bounced as the models sauntered down the runway, sneakers and knee-high boots pushing their age in different directions. Surprising the audience with a taste of the ‘90s in the form of cropped leggings and velour, Enzuvan has once again left all speechless.

Enzuvan brings something new to the table every time we see the well-sewn pieces in action. This collection of the seemingly mismatched, with Hong’s magical touch, has easily left us spellbound.

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