Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/2015: Münn, Metamorphose

1Inspired by high-quality foreign fashion from the western 60’s, the artists behind Münn’s Metamorphose collection have taken one step closer in defamiliarizing high quality fashion by breaking out the difference between normal wear and high fashion. Creative director Hyun-min Han has worked under Seoul’s well-known Wooyoungmi and Leigh, while coordinator Hong Seok Choi brings the artistry together as an experienced photographer. For their F/W 2014 collection they debuted new looks with many different outfits that could almost be mistaken for designs by different designers. But as one continues observing the entire line, it’s obvious that all of the pieces have a distinct classic look.

Münn incorporated this season’s line with color blocks, handsome silhouettes, and contrasting textures. The otherwise common shapes of shirts and sweaters awoke with blocks of colors such as mustard yellow, red, and blue, as well as their alternate shades. Winter turtlenecks have never looked more flattering to a wider variety of people, thanks to the use of color blocks, rarely seen in menswear for form shaping.

All bottom pants pieces were detailed pockets, seams, and pleats. Whether made of wool or silk, the shape of the pants are some the most flattering seen in recent years.

Of course, the public’s eye focuses on the fashionable outerwear for the cold season. Münn stuck to mostly long jackets, flattering the male form. Made of wool, they enhanced by their contrast with padding or denim. The most eye-catching piece seemed to be a dark denim oversized coat with a detachable flattened faux fur collar. When turned inside out, the coat takes on the look of a silk padded jacket layered over gray denim.

Although this season Münn uses color sparingly in a field of gray and black, wearing one of their pieces will undoubtedly make a man stand out of the crowd by taking on the unmistakable classic feel of the 1960’s.















Photography by Dante Miguel 



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