Captivating Backgrounds

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Here at IFBK, together with travel blogger, Seoul Lover, we believe a great background enhances your photos, making them chic and adding depth and dimension to your look. Bukchon Hanok Village, located in the center of Seoul close to Gyeongbok Palace and Insadong Street, is known for its rich history entrenched in traditional side streets, Hanok houses, and rooftops.

In Bukchon, stroll down the alleyways and strike a pose in front of massive doors, wood shutters, and traditional stone walls. While this may be in the background, it will be sure to highlight your look, with warm colors that can only make your photos even more charming.

We created a gorgeous spring look that was dove into the season’s hottest trends. For the first, an all-white outfit with simple lines brings out the model Minkyung’s vivid makeup and DIY flower crown. Our second had a cool feel with a white-on-white outfit topped by a trench and colorful floral scarf. Minkyung’s perfect pout and beach waves brought the looks together, contrasting against the classic buildings.

While the photos are lovely on their own, setting up a scene for a backdrop increases the quality and visual interest. We encourage you to take a stroll and look a little harder; it’s amazing what you pass by when you’re not looking!

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Photographer: IFBK
Make-up: Natalia Che
Model: Minkyung Kim
Concept/Styling:  IFBK
Special thanks to: Valeriya Tavotova



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