Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/2015: PartspARTs IMSEONOC

1Stepping further and further into the art realm, the PartspARTs collection appeared to be ahead of its time. Sporting a mixture of color with light-hearted neutrals; the pieces offer a space-age modern theme, while remaining wonderfully minimalistic. Maintaining a unique view of where art and fashion collide, designer Im Seo Noc carved her own space in Seoul Fashion Week.

Opening with a modern dance, PartspARTs reiterated its dedication to arts of all forms, not just fashion.The neoprene fabric-draped works of art did not fit like a glove, but accentuated the variability of design. A major element of the PartspARTs IMSEONOC brand is their “0% waste” philosophy, fighting against the fickleness of the fashion world. The desire to last is not a strange concept in today’s world, but this collection puts its money where its mouth is. Refusing to sacrifice quality and appeal, and fighting to seamlessly fit into a woman’s lifestyle, PartspARTs created eye-catching and mouth-watering pieces.

The collection is likely to appeal to those of ostentatious nature, ironic given the minimalist concept. Grid patterns and color blocking were the main motif of this minimalist’s playground; the subdued patterns keeping the garments’ shapes as focus. Balancing proportions and adding spunk, ankle booties and cropped pants with front contrasting panels complemented the oversized and boxy jackets. Models alternated between donning sky-high collars and collar-less attire, along with long sleeves and sleeveless vests and dresses. Some nature-inspired pieces made its way into the urban collection, hinting at the effort to create a brand that is not recycled, but upgraded. Infusing metallic colors and unexpected lines, Im shows a little goes a long way in the fashion realm.

Visually captivating, this collection fights betweens standing out and blending in, but effortlessly seeped into the consciousness of all in attendance. Not backing away from a challenge, Im Seo Noc created a future in the aggressive world of constantly searching for the next trend. This Seoul Fashion Week, she did not just follow trends; she made them.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 20 21 22Photography by Dante Miguel



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