Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/2015: BIG PARK, Dinner for Two


Big Park, known for its extravagant style, continued its pattern of designing urban and unique trends. A collection pieced together by the seemingly mundane habit of eating dinner with loved ones, it had an “Alice in Wonderland” like flair. Youn Soo Park dives into his eccentric side with edgy pieces.

Pulled together with buns and braids, the models slipped into provocative attire to inspire and thrill the audience. Matching jackets and pants could hardly be ignored, with wide legs and in appealing textures and colors. Furthering his exaggerated reputation, Park also included wide sleeves in this collection, attached to neoprene sweaters and leather biker vests. Fluffy pompoms attached to high-top sneakers gave the strutting dolls a playful youthfulness. With a ruffle on a jacket here and there to ruffle some feathers (Yes, intentional, and yes, bad pun), these pieces created a rift in the idea of a daily routine.

Park remained intensely focused throughout this collection, as no diversions could be seen. Patterns with combinations of forks, knives, and spoons appeared on a majority of the works, with the rest donning a checkered tablecloth within its hems. Dressed-up dinner guests, in Park’s vision, included leather-trimmed suit jackets and knee-length a-line skirts, with a touch of fur here and there. The pièce de résistance, a lone rose on the dinner table for a romantic charm, was a matching red biker jacket and skirt, conspicuous against the cream, black, gray, and white compilation. Collectively brilliant, this dinner-inspired apparel remained as beautiful as it was cohesive.

Ingeniously turning the everyday into wearable art, Big Park successfully took a risk and exaggerated the understated. With enough silverware to feed the room, the collection reminds us to not take life so seriously, and to appreciate what you can while you can. The art’s whimsical and unconventional nature was a breath of fresh air against the serious backdrop of Seoul Fashion Week, intriguing all for next season.

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