Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/2015: J Apostrophe

1The dominance of black, white, and gray may be overwhelming for some, but here is a collection showing the variance of these powerful neutrals. Joining forces, Ji Yeon Lee and former Miss Korea Ji Seon Lee,  have already put her stamp on the fashion world with J Apostrophe. In an effort to explore the feminine, the two Lee’s mix sexy, confidence, and neutrals with a dangerously appealing result.

With architecture as the main inspiration, the visually enticing silhouettes and lines create a refreshing collection. Collared button-ups and sky-high collars on turtlenecks compel you to rethink feminine staples, while structured jackets gently hug the models’ curves. The large, thin bags created a 2-D contrast against the lively and geometric apparel. Throughout this collection, fur and leather are a girl’s best friend; the leather skirts and tops are highlighted by fur accents. Furry open-toed booties, fur wrist cuffs, and fur legwarmers pushed the envelope and threw viewers off guard (in a good way).

J Apostrophe also showcased skirts and dresses hitting above the knee, unlike other collections, giving it a Gangnam feel. The sexy wrap skirts and simply feminine dresses are sure to make you swoon. Bermuda shorts and slacks also made it into the collection, but instead of emitting a tomboyish aura, it buried the pieces in softness.

It’s hard not to see how J Apostrophe became so popular in stores around the world. With its appeal to the curious, the collection exposes various facets of femininity. Giving fashionistas the chance to experiment and grow, the two Lee’s continue to develop the unthinkable in artistic fashion.














 Photography by Dante Miguel



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