Seoul Fashion Week FW2014/2015: Soulpot Studio, Seoul Re-Define

2Soulpot Studio nailed it yet again at Seoul Fashion Week, creating art with a life of its own. A collection based on Seoul itself, lines of culture and life stood distinctively. If you are looking for vibrancy of color, look elsewhere. But, if you are looking for texture and presence, Soulpot Studio will entertain you visually.

Tracing the lines of the soon-to-be-forgotten, the hand-stitched patterns mapped out eleven of Seoul’s neighborhoods. The abstract feeling of the collection suddenly clicks into place. Edges left unfinished, Soulpot Studio shows us how the cycle continues. Patchwork and quilted materials give us a sense of the mountains of maps the designers went through, the shredded a sense of the wariness. In shades of white, black, gray, and navy, the collection forms the hidden strength of the Seoulites representing these districts. Urban and sporty, Seoul: Re-Define highlights and immortalizes the process of the present fading into the past.

Pulled together with stern expressions, pulled-back hair, and platforms, Soulpot Studio created a calm and gliding appearance. Patchwork kept a feeling of nostalgia and lent itself to a multitude of textures, the white and gray color block sweater and pants a favorite. Knee-length quilted and wool skirts and wide leg cropped pants adorned the models, pushing towards an androgynous appearance. Lines were a major part of this story: Cut-out lines, patchwork lines, and line patterns all harmoniously in sync.

Drawing the boundaries of life in Seoul, Soulpot mentions, “Seoul became the [sic] weary life. However, in that Seoul, there are stairs stepping [sic] up with the [sic] hope, there is someone’s father who takes responsibility for his family.” A compilation of emotions, Soulpot Studio presented lively pieces in an eclectic manner. Casually crossing boundaries of consciousness, one can only be left with deep thoughts. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15



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