Seoul Fashion Week FW2014/2015: Johnny Hates Jazz

1 Continuing her signature European-infused collections, Ji-hyung Choi, designer behind the well-known Johnny Hates Jazz, focused on the elusive idea of mythical Vikings. Her pieces presented the theme of paring Vikings’ masculinity with women’s comfort, intriguing all in sight. With classic silhouettes and familiar fall colors, Choi created an effortlessly timeless collection.

When people think of how Vikings dressed, helmets, brooches, and masculine shapes are usually at the top of the list. Choi’s interpretation not only questions these preconceived notions, but offers inspiration into learning about the Viking lifestyle. Combinations of leather, wool, and fur dominated Choi’s vision, asserting a tough, masculine independence. However, when paired with a-line skirts, dresses, and ponchos, which are typically a feminine and playful look, it created a smooth, facile look. Ribbed knits and knee-length dresses also created a disconnect with the Vikings motif, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. Scarves returned us to the Viking era, coming in all sizes from ascot to shawl and fashionably tied. The collection offered a glimpse inside Choi’s mind, and dazzled us with modernity.

The simple, yet detailed jackets illuminated the Johnny Hates Jazz runway, as any Fall collection should. Popped collars paired with intricate patterns proved to be fitting on either a man or woman, as the models confidently strutted down each side of the squarespace runway. Each jacket provided a different style: Fur and leather for the bold, patterned-sleeve bomber for the sporty, a padded jacket for the easily chilled, and a double-breasted suit inspired jacket, which is Choi’s John Hancock on her bewitching collection.

Johnny Hates Jazz provided awe-inspiring pieces yet again, filled to the brim with a “cool” factor. When competing against overpowering music, only Choi could forcefully pull attention to her designs and keep it there. Feminine pieces flirting with masculine concepts create an enchanting variant of the Vikings’ saga, a smooth and jacket-filled collection for the ages.

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