Seoul Fashion Week FW 2014/2015: Resurrection

1Tailoring so sharp the air split in two as models strutted down the runway, Juyoung Lee once again shows off her remarkable skills. Edgy models, fitted in even edgier looks, drew you closer in, every look clinging to your imagination. Displaying the confidence of a team playing in its home field, Resurrection breathed new life into an old romance during Seoul Fashion Week.

Noting her inspiration came from a “much-desired getaway,” Lee created a trans-dimensional space on the runway, showcasing our hidden desires. Emerald greens, rich blues, and a sprinkling of khaki spiced up the expected black and gray hues; it was a vision of long horizons and a star-filled landscapes.

Typical winter materials of wool and leather, upgraded with fun and playful textures, transitioned the collection into wearable art. The shapes and lines of the pieces imitated the simplicity of nature, bringing Lee’s inspiration to fruition. Never one to shy away from the sound of music, the former cellist strummed viewers’ heartstrings as each piece presented a classy, urban, and rebellious feel. Accessorized with black gloves, belts, sleek boots, and fur scarves and accents, the versatility of this collection allows anyone to mix and match the androgynous pieces in to their wardrobe. Beautifully crafted pants, in wide-legged and skinny fits, perfectly complemented the aggressive tops and jackets.

A couple of favorites were the gold skinny pants and the emerald leather jacket, a quick aside from the waves of black. The sexy and mysterious outfits played up the “desired” portion of Lee’s inspiration, becoming desirable to all within a glance. Lee overwhelmed her audience’s expectations through her materialization of nature’s beauty. Despite dark tones and intense models, she cast Resurrection in a shining light during Seoul Fashion Week, leaving both men and women with their jaws on the floor.
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