IFBK x Maxilook Flea Market Event

IFBK collaborated with Seoul based owner and designer of Maxilook, Ryu Seok, for our second event. This event was open to anyone in the Seoul area! We offered a HUGE sale on all purchases of any Maxilook item. In addition, jewelry and second hand clothing from IFBK member’s and others’ closets were sold at great prices.

Champagne was flowing and delectable chocolate was consumed while a DJ played. The party was memorable for all of the guests who left with bags full of maxi skirts, shoes, and other chic pieces. At the end of the event our guests were surprised with the reveal of five different dresses designed by our creative director and Ryu Seok for the spring/summer season. In a few months the collection will be featured on Maxilook’s online store.

Thanks to all who came to support IFBK and Maxilook!

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Models: Ryu, Diana, Yoona, Aima (wine dress), Nadia (black dress)

IFBK also wants to thank Nadia Gorviz, editor of the Russian magazine Kplus, for helping with the planning of the event.



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