Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

openingWhile Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) has yet to become as prestigious as New York or Paris Fashion Week, it was in no way lacking in innovative and quality designers. This four-day event had distinct styles to capture the hearts of many, and proved that Indonesia, with a mix of 300 ethnicities, is a source of boundless inspiration.

iva lativah4Iva Lativah puts her mark on Islamic dress, filling the runway with modernized versions of the hijab and traditional dress. Confronting the struggle between fashion and religion, Lativah’s Akulturasi Collection shows no sacrifice is necessary. Bold colors reject the idea of blending into a crowd, capturing the eyes’ attention and proving that no combination is too risky. Long, layered skirts and cropped vests with contrasting textures and patterns adhere to Islamic values, but provide a whimsical and playful touch that makes anyone of any religion green with envy. Managing to add even more boldness to these looks, Lativah, inspired by the Korean hanbok, throws on a colorful sash around the waist or breast to emphasize her twist on tradition.
iva lativah1iva lativah2 iva lativah3The Bregada Collection takes its hat off to no-nonsense style, with a showcase of black and white coupled with rich colors of red and gold. Giving you a slight reminder of childhood; cone-shaped hats are seen across the collection, conveying an authoritative air. They are accompanied by vertical-striped jackets, adorned with shoulder decorations, and matching skirts. Ethnic Now by Philip brings one’s inner power to life.
ethnic now1ethnic now2ethnic now3With flattering silhouettes and gorgeous colors, Poppy Dharsono’s designs lit up the runway. A collection that stays true to its name, Ikat Troso in Color flaunts its pairings of rich jewel tones, such as emerald and amethyst. The colors complement the gorgeous statement necklaces that could not help but increase the outfits’ elegance. However, the most notable piece was a matching hat, a truly unique piece befitting a ruler.
ikat troso1ikat troso2ikat troso3A more casual alternative to the other collections, Lekat Puja Collection can be worn by a wide range of ages and styles. Fringe dangled along the hems of skirts and dresses, while camel, olive, and burnt orange ensured a nature feel. Unique accessories-large necklaces, an orange confetti bag, and feather earrings-brought the designs to a different realm. While not as intricate as previous collections, Indonesia and its tens of thousands of islands know how to connect to the environment.
lekat1lekat2Indonesia Fashion Week was a series of pleasant surprises, holding hands with your emotions and guiding you through the realm of fashion from hijab to pleated skirts. Knowing this is only the beginning, there are higher expectations for the future of Indonesia’s role in the global fashion community.

Article & Photography by Guest Contributor Tri Rahayu Handayani



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