NYFW: Lee Jean Youn Fall/Winter 2014


Lee Jean Youn is one of  the leading Fashion designers from Korea, and his name and brand is becoming more globally known every day. He was born in Korea, studied fashion design in Seoul, and then went on to graduate from the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Lee presents his collection every season in New York, Paris, Barcelona, Seoul and other leading cities of the fashion cosmos. His popularity boomed after he received the Mango Fashion Award in 2009. Lee states,  “Once I start my business in New York, I hope to participate in New York Fashion Week in the near future. My goal is to make “LEE JEAN YOUN” an international brand that will last for decades. I want my designs to be recognized by the industry and loved by many people in the world.” (read more HERE) What can we say except, he reached his goal!

Three weeks ago he presented his Fall/Winter 2014 collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Lee used warm deep colors such as burgundy, green, grey,  and black which are cherished by many Korean designers. Exotic details like hats, veils, leather, and knit material combined with gold were the best parts of the show.











Photography by Crystal Cox



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