The Eye of the Camera: Standing Out at London Fashion Week

Fortunately for those unable to get a ticket to the ever-exclusive and prestigious London Fashion Week, street fashion continues to grow as a focal point in the fashion world. However, swimming through a sea of trendy looks can leave one without hope for distinction. Swarms of photographers roam, cameras poised to take photos at a moment’s notice. The goal is to entice and attract the camera’s eye.

For these fashion-oozing personas, it’s all in the details; the little things transform an outfit from expected to exceptional, drawing in the gaze of all the lenses in the room. Starting with the hair—Creating multi-color hair with dark roots or pairing and contrasting an all-white outfit with jet-black hair gives off style, without the undesirable faux pas of too much effort.

4 1

Leading photographers by the nose, these two give the on-trend all-white outfit a new touch by playing with textures, and a large braid.

2a 7

Manipulating the perception of depth with matching layers adds intrigue to any outfit. On the other hand, asymmetric exaggeration keeps the eyes moving.

2 5

And what photographer could resist a classic red lip?

11 13

However, there is one small detail guaranteed to gather attention: Confidence. Seemingly simple and straightforward, confidence is the essence photographers want to capture. Without this key ingredient, blending into the crowd is inevitable. With this in mind, these LFW-goers rocked the cobblestone runways.

12Photography by Guest Contributor: Hally Jung

Article by Guest Contributor: Jessica Jones



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