Featured Photographer: Sasha Don

1What is your name? Where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Alexandra Don and I’m twenty-seven years old. I’m a Korean from Russia and currently I work as an office manager and freelance photographer in Busan, South Korea.

2When did you start photography? What made you decide to be a professional photographer?

I started in 2010. I was inspired by looking at a Russian photographer’s images of night life, faces… the power of night lights, wonderful moments, and people. Looking at these images made me a want to try it too. I didn’t start right away. It was just a wish, then slowly this wish grew.

3Tell us more about your journey as a photographer.

It sort of started as an accident. I needed to buy a new phone and when I went to the phone, I saw a good deal on a camera and of course I finally made my first step. My images weren’t amazing, I just took shots of random stuff, what people usually do. I was trying to find what exactly I wanted to do with it. When I met amazing photographers from Sakhalin (Russia), it was like art photographers, reportage , fashion and all kind of photographers, they were so talented and their works inspired me.

4What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

I really enjoy portrait photography. For a long time I tried to find exactly what it was that I wanted to show since each photo has its own energy, history, and philosophy.

After you found your style, how did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Fashion happened randomly. One of my friends suggested that I visit  Seoul Fashion Week and take some shots backstage. My first time was in March 2013 and I worked for a Russian Cosmopolitan. Soon after, I visited Busan Fashion Week. I loved the backstage, catwalk, and fashion.

5What aspect of photography is the most important to you?

I think that for every photographer it’s very important to find their own story for an image.

What do you think about Korean Fashion?

When I first came to Korea, it was hard for me. I think Korean fashion is different because they have some kind of futuristic style in it. When I was working backstage at Seoul Fashion Week, I noticed it right away. And it’s not just in fashion, if you walk around Seoul, you can see the weird architecture of new buildings. They look like they’re from the future!

6What can you tell us about your personal style?

I think that my style is discreet, and simple. I usually wear blazers, vests, classic pants or jeans.

What differentiates your style of photography from others?

I think that all photographers are unique, because everybody has a different view of the world. My friends often tell me that my photography is different from Korean photographers. Most Korean photographers have their own set of standards.

14_sRecently you had an exhibition. How was it?  Will you have others in the future?

Yes, I had one in October of 2013. It went pretty well. It was interesting to hear different opinions about my images. Many were special portraits of nature; they’re already beautiful because nature is already so beautiful. But a portrait can have different energy. I had one this February 12-18 in Busan, and another will be all month in March in Busan as well with 30 other photographers.

ALD_7530_sHere are a few images from Sasha’s amazing work. 

DSC_2932_S ALD_3547_s ALD_4433_s ALD_4148_wm

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