Featured Blogger: Aliya Ocean

1Introduce yourself: (Age, Country, Work, Education etc.)

My name is Aliya and I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I’m 28years old and attended Kazakh National Medical University. Now I’m working in a pharmaceutical company as a pharmacovigilance and regulatory manager.

2What made you fall in love with fashion? Was it a childhood passion? What was your inspiration?

It all started from posting outfits on a local fashion website www.look.tm. Then it became a hobby. In my childhood photographs I have a certain style, thanks to my mum for that. My inspiration was also from thesartorialist.com; I really like watching street style photographs.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I’ve been blogging for about two years. I decided to catch every single moment in my life and keep it in my photo-blog. I can view the photographs when I’m very old, I think it’s interesting.

3What do you wish for your website? Is it more for business prospects or fun?

It’s not a business project, just for fun and to keep moments of my life.

Could you explain aspects that makes your style unique from other fashion bloggers?

Actually I don’t think that my style is unique from others. In Europe or Asia most of people dress like me. But for our country it may look unique and some girls find inspiration from me. I don’t follow the style of fashion bloggers. Only some people in fashion inspire me.

4What is most important in your life?

The health and happiness of my lovely persons, particularly my mum and dad.

Can you tell us about your style? What style do you prefer?

I think it is more smart casual. I prefer it because it’s comfortable.

5Can you give advice to people who would like to be successful?

To be successful one always needs to be diligent, patient and positive is everything. But first of all you should love what you do and what you wear. Because it is your life and you live your life for yourself.

What do you like and dislike about Korean fashion?

I love to watch Korean dramas and really like Korean style. They are very independent and do not hesitate to express themselves.

6 22How can our readers follow you?

Instagram: @Aliya_Ocean

Blog: www.aliya-ocean.tumblr.com

33 111 10 11 Photography by Darren Kaukyen

Be sure to follow this lovely fashion forward blogger!



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