K-Pop Changed Joe’s Life

1Eugenia Kotlyar, also known as Joe, is an illustrator and photographer from Russia. Joe says that her style and personality changed when South Korea and K-Pop was introduced to her life. She is a wonderful illustrator and photographer, but for a time it was difficult for her to find inspiration until she heard a song by K-Pop super group Big Bang. Soon after she became interested in Korea, which opened a lot of new doors for her. She is especially attracted to the art and history of Korea.

She is not a fan of the Korean pop wave, but she is a fan of Korean stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and designers. According to her they have a different sense of beauty and are beautiful, and thinks that Asian charm is different from that of European countries. It inspired her to create her character. She loves the style of G-Dragon, and according to her, he is a style icon in Korea because he has a charming personality, and is very unique.

Joe’s main goal at this time is to visit Korea, and join in and experience the culture. She knows full well that soon Seoul will be the center of all fashion events.

2Follow Joe’s INSTAGRAM and check out her art work HERE!

3 4 5 6 FL6CeF_z-Tc jzdsHFv-DCYPhotography by Lucas

Article by: Asemgul Kairzhan, IFBK Guest Contributor


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