Le Ciel de Vicky

$_57We are so excited to share with you Le Ciel de Vicky, which is a jewelry brand created by famed celebrity and K-pop stylist, Kelly Seong, and Ciren Jang, Co founder of Stylewiki. Kelly Seong is a renowned stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, and has styled celebrities like K-pop star, BOA. Together they have created a beautiful collection of stackable bracelets that come in various sets. These bracelets will surely complete your “armcandy” to go with any look. At IFBK we are currently stacking these bracelets on our arms, and enjoying feeling like K-pop stars.  Also, with so many different styles there is definitely a set for you that fits your style perfectly. Most importantly, these gorgeous bracelets are not only available in Korea, but are also sold internationally.

3697089329_uhlTRSYb_sign4 3697089329_UERHyDnx_sign5 A few of the many K-pop groups that Kelly Seong has styled.Le Ciel de Vicky_logo Le Ciel de Vicky7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 Elyse’s current favorite! Seen here!12 13 14 Diana’s current favorite! Seen here! (bracelets on the right)Le Ciel de Vicky8

Love what you see? Then be sure to check out and purchase the amazing Le Ciel de Vicky line HERE (English site) and HERE (Korean site).



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