IFBK Christmas Party (Launching Party)


Over the weekend IFBK had our first fashion community party. We celebrated Christmas together, and officially launched our site to some of South Korea’s top taste makers. Everyone came dressed in their red and green best to cheers to the holiday season.

The event was a festive and fun-filled time for all. Everyone chatted and networked together; learning and sharing about their love for fashion, style, and more specifically, Korean fashion. We also played the game, “You Can’t Say That,” which disabled all at the party from using the words “you” and “fashion” for fear of losing their colorful bow. The aim of the game is to catch as many people as possible using those words, and then collecting their bows. The person with the most bows collected at the end wins a prize! Then we finished off the event with a white elephant gift exchange where fabulous gifts were given and received.


The Party was hosted at Wookenju Coffee Bar in Hongdae, Seoul.



30Michael Song, Photographer

34Sara Kate Watson-Baik, Hat Designer/TV Host of K Style

27Ryu Seok, Designer of Maxi Dress  |  Una, Fashion Blogger of Mint Moiselle

25Nan Jeong Lee, Fashion Blogger of Nizi Nanjjang

She was our winner of “Best Dressed!” Congratulations Nan Jeong Lee!

20Between Marisol and Elyse: Eun Hae Park, Fashion Blogger of enemood

24Bottom far right: Chris Park, Founder of You Are the Designer

We at IFBK are striving to develop an interactive community within South Korea and internationally for lovers of fashion and Korean fashion. We hope that you will join us in creating an inclusive environment where bloggers, designers, photographers, and others can collaborate together to promote Korean fashion to the world.

It was an absolute pleasure hosting this event! Thank you to everyone that came to our first gathering!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


p.s. If you are interested in attending one of our future events or collaborating please email us at ifbkseoul@gmail.com


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